Most Beautiful Travel Experiences

Most Beautiful Travels

  • Full moon over pagodas in Bagan, Myanmar: This was impossible to capture and impossible to describe. The full moon, low on the horizon,  centuries-old pagodas outlined against it. Unbelievable. With Haksing, Karn, Eric, Ma.
  • Worthington glacier hike, Valdez, Alaska: Just a nondescript ridge hike, until you turn around at the top. It was so beautiful I just started laughing. With Jesus.
  • Incahuasi island, Salar di Uyuni, Bolivia: It’s a 20 minute scramble to the top but the view is marvellous. Photographs cannot capture this. Wth Jesus, Evan.
  • Glaciers on Kilimanjaro: The glaciers appear to disappear into thin air, as if segueing into the clouds tops below. I choked up looking at their majesty. With Jesus, Tommy.
  • Galleries of Angkor Vat, Angkor, Cambodia: The carvings on the massively-long galleries of Angkor Vat. Just go see them. With Haksing, Karn, Eric.
  • Laguna Verde & Licancabur, Bolivia: There was something indescribable about this place. It was where something ended, a place in of itself. With Jesus, Evan.
  • Sunrise on the last day of Inca trail, Peru: I wager that this was more beautiful than Macchu Picchu itself. The soft golden rays stroking fluffy clouds above distant glaciers while the Andean montane rainforest awoke around us, and fog gently uncoiled from the river valley far below up the majestic mountains. With Jesus, Evan, Lynnie, Armin, Blair, Greg.
  • Milky Way from the Grand Canyon: Night hiking into the Grand Canyon as the Milky Way looms overhead. With Jesus, Ahmar.
  • Cone Peak, Big Sur, California: Stunning views of miles of coastline, cliffs, surf, velvet-draped mountains. This is Cone Peak. With Michael, Grace, Kevin, Alex, Brian.
  • Stormclouds over Borrego badlands, Anza Borrego: Storm clouds filtered over the mountains north of Anza Borrego to the Borrego badlands, as we climbed out of a slot canyon onto the badlands. We were greeted with a stunning view of eldritch storm clouds somehow filtering the Sun’s rays into some sort of unbelievable mirage of greys and oranges. Where were we? With Rachel.
  • Beartooth highway, Wyoming: In late May, we drove the highway from alpine meadows to an icy-bound plateau at 11,000 feet with stunning views of jagged peaks dominating the horizon. Literally jaw-dropping. With Evan, Jesus, Henry, Lisa, Rishi.
  • Taj Mahal, Agra, India: Photographs do not do this justice. The sight as you enter the doorway you will not forget.
  • Manhattan skyline at night: Is there anything more visually arresting, more futuristic, more “this is something different” than Manhattan’s skyline at night?
  • Dead Horse Point, Canyonlands, USA: Canyons upon canyons upon canyons. The wind, the sky, the canyons, and you. This is the West.
  • Mulie Point, Utah, USA: This is where the West ends. The first time visit it alone. Watch hawks fly. The Goosenecks meander. Dust devils dance. Monument Valley on the horizon. Mulie Point. Waiting to be discovered.
  • Walking 8 miles along the Denali Highway, Alaska: I checked out of a backpacking trip mid-way and walked back to the car. It was 8 miles of lonely walking, tired with sore legs, with absolutely nothing for miles except the boreal forest. Every 5 minutes a car would pass, ignoring my outstretched hand. I could see the cars approach half a mile away and disappear slowly into the distance. The road was unending in its monotony, ahead and behind. I was alone, in the middle-of-nowhere. That fatigued walk was memorable in its oddness.
  • Running down Tunupa volcano, Salar di Uyuni, Bolivia: Running down the Tunupa volcano at 5000 meters was absolutely exhilarating. The scree meant you took massive bounds with little regard of injury, half sliding down the mountain with mind-numbing views ahead.
  • Tutankhamen’s golden mask: An artifact that captures power, glory, history, destiny in one mask. The mask has a powerful magnetism. Your eye slowly parses it, trying to divine the source of that power. But it is the gestalt that the mask stands for, the result of thousands of years of history coursing down the Nile. Here, in one artifact.
  • Eating brunøst while gazing upon Store Skagastølstind from the slopes of Fanaråken: Brunøst is soft, chocolate-ey cheese. We hiked partway up Fanaråken, ate our brunøst sandwiches packed from our B&B and were content.

Saddest Travel Experiences

  • War museum, Siem Reap
  • Melting glaciers, Kilimanjaro
  • Jallianwallah Bagh, Amritsar

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