9 Reasons Why Men are Becoming Like Women

  1. Men are going under the knife, faster than women! We kid you not. Check out some dude’s beard implant.Beard Implant
  2. Men are, like, mampering and manscaping and other unmanly things. Look at this man grooming.Man trying to groom
  3. Men are buying clothes faster than women! Yeah, we’re better! Like, manpurses dude.Manpurses
  4. So, like, girls wear tight dresses right? Men wear flowing robes to fight sabretooth tigers and ogres barehanded right? Hell NAH. Men are up there skinny fittin’! Yo, I’m so slim, I’m tight!Skinny male clothes
  5. Men are sexualized! Whaaa! Isn’t that for women? Dude, “male body shaming” is a thing. Get used to it.Male body shaming
  6. Men are worse educated than women! Let’s face it. We can lift but don’t ask us what sesquipedalian means. Srsly though, women earn 3/5ths of all degrees! HOLY SMOKES.university degrees sex gender
  7. Millennial women and men earn comparably. Waittt what about the 77 cents thing? Yeah, no. It’s 90% and that’s for all millenial women and men. When comparing those doing the same work, it’s even closer.men women income age
  8. Men more often help with kids, housework, and with other unmanly stuff. Gimmeh the pram.Man pram walking
  9. Because science says so. Evolutionary psychology says that when the sexes have equal incomes, equal education, equal parental investment in kids blah blah, then the selection pressures blah blah are equal and the sexes must move towards equality.men women cartoon

I kid you not, men are worse educated then women, they make about the same, they wear tight clothes, buy personal care shmaltz, go under the knife, are sexualized, wear silly socks, get beard implants, and are becoming like women.

Oh hey, if you’re actually academically inclined, here’s the non-clickbait version. It is truly fascinating that we are seeing exactly what the science predicts. I highly encourage you to read the full version.

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  1. 9 Reasons Why Men are Becoming Like Women
    6. Men are worse educated than women!

    Doesn’t seem very coherent with the title though?

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