Hey! I’m Karan Gill. I’m glad you chanced upon my personal website. Feel free to look around, and maybe even leave a comment. Or email me at karan at karangill dot com. I’m always happy to hear from folks!

I have a background in Electrical Engineering – specifically semiconductor physics – but my current work bridges writing and engineering. I like analyzing¬†anything and everything for fun. I’m from India and now live in the States. For me, experiencing and understanding two completely different cultures meant I am completely fascinated by human culture. Writing helps me organize my thoughts into something coherent. Then, this website was a natural outgrowth, and I’m quite amazed it gets any traffic at all. Currently it run ~100 visits/day, the majority to the Goa Trance and Quantum Thief pages. I quite like my sarcasm posts too!

10 thoughts on “About

  1. Thida on

    Hii! Your stuff is actually amazing :) keep it upppp!

    Ps- do you have instagram or facebook? Or do you not give that to the public?

  2. Loved your article about Black Rock City. I’m putting together a Burning Science YouTube Channel. I’d love to do a video interview with you about your take on Burner culture. Any chance?

  3. Luciana on

    I thought your background is India or creative writing in Cambridge. ;DD

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