Most Acidic Traxx

This topic is strictly for acidheads like me though if you’re willing to brave high frequencies and sounds that send you off into deep space, you are welcome to try these tracks out =] Tracks are added to this list only if they contain enough acid. For example while Red Herring maybe great Acid Trance, it won’t make this list.

For a complete audio-visual experience I recommend…
– Installing Winamp (which is great for playing music and managing your files, better than WMP for sure).
– It should come with a plugin called Milkdrop. Open Winamp, hit “Ctrl+P” and check under Plugins->Visualisation. In the right pane, click on Milkdrop to select it.
– Now download these delicious, spacey presets.
– Delete all the presets in C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins\Milkdrop2\presets and instead put these in there.
– Open Winamp and start up the Visualisation using “Ctrl+Shift+K”. “Spacebar” is to change the preset, and “L” displays the full list of presets to choose from.
– Enjoy the gorgeous, stunning visuals =))

If you like the tracks here, then you might like my mix of the trippiest Goa tracks, real journey ones. Find it here.


  • Art of Trance – Madagascar (Trance)
  • Bamboo Forest – Sadhu (Goa)
  • Cosmosis – Gift of the Gods (Goa)
  • Chemical Brothers – Believe (Breaks) – The acid only peaks towards the end, maybe there is a mix that focuses on the acid more.
  • Darshan – Speed Freak (Dark Goa) – This is you usual darkpsy track but the middle of this track has some amazing acid.
  • Dave the Drummer & K.N. – Jack Me
  • Doof – Double Dragons (Goa)
  • Doran vs Joshua Ryan – Unreal
  • Fabulous 23s – It’s Fucking Dark (Acid Techno)
  • Fatboy Slim – Acid 8000 (Breaks)
  • Faxe Inc. – Something (Hard Acid Trance)
  • GMS – Juice (Full-on Psy)
  • Hardfloor – Acperience 1 (Trance) – The essential hard acid trance track for many.
  • Hallucinogen – Space Pussy (Goa/Psy)
  • Josh Wink – Higher State of Consciousness (Tweekin’ Acid Mix or Original) (Breaks)
  • Taking that acid to stratospheric frequencies!
  • Kopfuss Resonator and DJ Jörg – Whipbird (Goa)
  • Mama Indica – Radioactive Rain (Hard Acid Goa)
  • Misjah & Groovehead – Trippin’ Out (Rave-ish Trance)
  • Moonweed – Telepath (Trance)
  • MWNN presents Yogi and Grey One – Big Trouble in Outer Space (Dark Goa)
  • Best acidic dark goa track.
  • Phuture – Acid Trax
  • Plastikman – Plasticine (Minimal Techno)
  • Prodigy – Stand Up (Acid Breaks) – The acid that starts at 2:50 is pretty intense. Did not expect it on this album at all. I love the way it just came out of nowhere.
  • Pump Panel – Confusion (Techno)
  • Pzylo – Candy Flipping (Techno)
  • Razor’s Edge – Exquisite Sin (Exquisite Acid Mix) (Trance)
  • Riino – Brainsucker (Techno)
  • Solar Quest – Acidophilez album (HARD Acid Trance)
    The entire album is good acid trance, but Acid Air Raid (George’s All Nighter Mix) will blow your mind, it blew mine for sure.
  • Space Tribe vs Electric Universe – Rabbit Hole (Full-on Psy) – Plus every single track on Thru the Looking Glass , get it!!
  • Spicelab – A Day on Our Planet (Trance)
  • Stakker – Stakker Humanoid (House)
  • Trilithon – Trance Dance (Goa) – I was listening to this on the Milkdrop preset Rovostar – Tripmaker (Space Trip Mix) and man, was it trippy!
  • Tufaan – Probe (Green Nuns of the Revolution remix) (Goa)
  • Uberzone – The Brain (Braindusted) (Acid Breaks)
  • Zodiac Youth – Fast Forward the Future (Voodoo People Mix) (Goa)
  • Make sure you get this mix, the Hallucinogen mix has a lot less acid.


  • Various – Psychedelic Goa Core Vol. 1 (Goa Trance) – A mixed compilation that completely and totally lives up to its name, delivering a strong punch of twisted, acidic, spaced out Goa Trance. The follow up Vol. 2 and Vol. 3 are pretty good too.

Honourable Mentions

  • Dr. Octopus – Dr. Octopus (Trance) – This track gives a real feeling of speed, if it had only been done a little better and the acid been brought in earlier.
  • Robbie Long and AMS – Acid Bath (Hardcore) – This is hardcore but it has this absolutely beautiful breakdown.
  • C.P.U. – Acid Attack – Had the artist injected some variation and pushed a little harder this track would have been pretty good.
  • D.I.D. – Alcyone (Trance)

All suggestions from fellow acidheadz are welcome. I’ll be adding more to this list as I remember the tracks. For more acid try Lyceaum’s Best Acid Trance List too.

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