Best Boston Cheap Eats

Boston’s best restaurants for cheap eats are:

  • Butter Chicken at Man-O-Salwa, Somerville – Best on list. Eat with Butter Naan. Closed on Mon/Tue.
  • Maach Jhol at Royal Bengal, Somerville – Bengali food which means good fish (mind the bones!)
  • Falafel Plates at Shawarma Falafel, Downtown Crossing – Unbelievable hummus, babaganoush
  • Beef Stew at Cami’s, Central Square – Haitians know beef stew
  • Goddess Bowl at Life Alive, Central Square – Hippie vegan but good
  • Singapore Noodles at Guangzhou Restaurant, Inman Square – Avoid the Chinese-American menu and ask for off-menu Singapore noodles and Chow Foon
  • Lamb Saag at Punjabi Dhaba, Inman Square – Crowded, order ahead online
  • Calzone at Galleria Umberto, North End – Opens 11ish, cash only, long line
  • Tacos at Taco Loco Mexican Grill, Somerville
  • Brazilian Buffet at Pao de Acucar, Somerville – Market that has a buffet
  • Katsu at Tampopo, Porter Square – Solid Japanese curry, next to Cafe Mami and Sapporo Ramen
  • Triple Delight at Wai Wai, Chinatown – Good luck finding this place
  • Banh Mi at New Saigon Sandwich, Chinatown – $4.50 sandwiches. Yum!
  • Lotus Leaf Rice at The Little Kitchen, Chinatown – Recommend bringing a Chinese friend
  • Egg tarts etc at Ho Yuen Bakery, Chinatown – Chinese bakery fix
  • Roti Rolls at Singh’s Roti Shop, U Mass – Bomb food, bomb accent. Wish I lived closer!
  • Gyros at Opa Greek Yeeros – Hole-in-the-wall Greek food!

Recommendations? Post below! I need to try:

  • Surya Indian Kitchen
  • Highland Creole Cuisine
  • Cafe Mami
  • Twice-Cooked Pork Belly at Qingdao Garden
  • Sam La Grassa’s
  • Ashur Restaurant
  • Next Step Soul Food Cafe
  • Safari African Food

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