Better Party Questions

At a boring party? These questions will mix it up.

  • Are we primed for violence à la video games, mobs, movies?
  • Do we need traumatic coming-of-age rituals?
  • Should we live with our friends à la hunter gatherers?
  • Have men’s gender roles change? Should they change?
  • Does struggle give life meaning? is there true struggle in the modern world?
  • Is transparency always good?
  • Should complex topics be left to experts or should the public get a say?
  • Do people actually need politicians?
  • Do really smart people seem crazy? (Like Gregory Perelman.) Is it a handicap to be too smart?
  • Have you spent multiple days with one group of people 24×7 ? How does the socialization change?
  • Does this mean anything “do whatever you want as long as you don’t harm anyone”?
  • Is philosophy without evidence legit ? Can you have theory without experiment?
  • Are all social conflicts reducible to young men who lack guidance and prospects?
  • Is the pursuit of happiness a red herring?
  • Will we merge into a monolithic global culture where everyone is Anglophone, brown-skinned, and called John Smith?
  • If you had superhero powers, what would you do?
  • What does it mean to be human w.r.t. genetic engineering?
  • At what point is someone in Mumbai or Nigeria better off than someone in Chicago’s South Side?
  • Are nuclear weapons good because MAD prevents war?

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