Liberal Bemoans Trump Publicity – Shares Trump Clickbait

Liberal today bemoaned the publicity Trump generates while simultaneously sharing a clickbait tweet from Trump saying “I don’t understand how he gets so much publicity?“. Liberal, who has never shared anything that Obama or Clinton has done, has religiously shared Trump’s every clickbait comment on social media with taglines like “Why is this guy so popular?” and “Who even listens to this guy?!?!“.

Liberal has never shared the frustrations of small businesses with regulation, the startling decline in life expectancy for white middle-class Americans, the jobs flight from small-town America, the hollowing out of the middle-class  [2] [3], the opioid epidemic affecting rural communities, the pessimism in white rural communities, the deregulation that enriches the big-city based monopolistic companies which employ liberals, the continued real-estate depression in rural America [2], or really any other massive policy issue that affects the millions of Americans who are not Liberal. Instead, Liberal demonstrates their “world citizen” enlightenment by sharing posts on Darfur, Uganda, Chibok, and other Liberal causes célèbres well outside America and thus changing the world. Indeed, Liberal’s posts are typically harmless nothings like “10 Kombucha Recipes to Heal Your Heart“, “5 Yoga Poses to Energize Your Day” or “How to Live Gratefully and Liberally“. By adroitly leveraging their dear social media echo chamber, Liberal has deftly managed to sail clear of the major life concerns that affect most Americans who are not Liberal.

Liberal was an ardent enthusiast of electing the first female US president and the accompanying campaign based entirely on Liberals who were ardent enthusiasts of electing the first female US president. Currently, Liberal is occupied with publicizing Trump’s brazen lies on voter fraud, immigrants, and Russian hacking, while continuing their media blackout on anything constructive that President Obama (or anyone else) might have done.

In unrelated news, a liberal thinktank had reported that the “partisan divide in Washington is only growing” and that “the Republicans are out of touch with reality and wholly to blame for the partisan gridlock that paralyzes this nation“. The thinktank added “voters want change and the Democrat party must respect their will by electing a leader who delivers a future to believe in instead of furthering the often-dynastic American status quo“.

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