Music I Cranked Out

Fascinated by the possibilities electronic music engenders, I dabbled in it a little, got my toes wet so to speak. These tracks are the result. Nothing professional here, just my experimental take on electronic music. Yes, I’m lowering expectations.I’m putting them in reverse chronological order because it makes for easier listening. In the sense, the last one produced should be the best since I’ve learnt more.

Other Worlds is my best track and the most listenable if you ask me.

  1. Flow of Elements [Soundcloud] [BPM 104] [Experimental Techno]
    What can you do with the simple, repeated layering of elements? A build that never stops, that the layers continually complement each other to form a whole. Hear loud to get all the layers. Exceeded my mandate a little perhaps.
  2. Slice [Soundcloud] [190 BPM] [Experimental Drum & Bass]
    I love Drum & Bas and I love Trance. And I think D&B could do with some trance. But with a particular brand of dreamy, abstract, floating away in the late evening sea-breeze trance. This is the result.
  3. Acid Retort [Soundcloud] [BPM 92] [Dubstep]
    I had so much fun making this. Massive amounts of bass, heavy snare drums, acid and high frequency broken bass. With a Pulp Fiction sample giving the breakdown that bad-ass edge. Allow me to Retort. Indeed. The second half picks up with a wonderful, dreamy dubstep soujourn.
  4. Other Worlds [Soundcloud] [BPM 92] [Post-Dubstep]
    I wanted to push Dubstep to more abstract, deeper, layered sound where each sound can breathe and meld to form a whole where the individual sounds lose their identities to drown in the acoustic collective. A deep, journey track. My best work if you ask me.
  5. Free Radical [Soundcloud] [BPM 152] [Psychedelic Trance]
    My stab at psychedelic trance. Tried for a hard, driving, acidic sound.
  6. Pyrogyro [Soundcloud] [BPM 171] [Psychedelic Drum & Bass]
    Another attempt to meld trance with D&B. A little amateurish in parts I will grant you, but I it has interesting moments.
  7. Scorched Acid Policy [Soundcloud] [BPM 185] [Acid Drum & Bass]
    What do you get when you take a cauldron, start with the familiar broken beats, add generous dollops of detuned, razored broken bass and stew well with acid trance? This.

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