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Before the list at the end, a rant. Well not watching TV is one of my quirks and it is one thing I don’t understand about the rest of my fellow human beings…their obsession with the thing known as “Television”. This activity primarily involves watching idiots do idiotic things (atleast on the most watched shows) or seeing stereotypes being exploited (generally both are combined to worse effect) or seeing utterly boring things made cool because studios have no imagination (some program called top chef where in the final the judges were agonising about the sous-chef’s all so important role in preparing the dessert…I mean who cares?)

But all that aside…my main grouse is that TV is not interactive. Even when you’re doing something dumb like playing computer games…you’re doing something right? You affect the outcome of what happens. And then TV just takes up so much time! The internet is so much better! On TV can you have a show on why the internet sucks?

I admit you could watch educational stuff on TV but who does that? I mean you could just wiki it or something.
Maybe this will help shed some light on the issue ;)
Calvin and Hobbes rationalising TV

Despite the preceding spiel about television and it’s lack of enamour, I have, over time, found a few shows that do display enamour. A few. To be honest though, if I spent more time watching television, I’m sure I would find a fair few TV shows that appeal to me. It’s just that I find other forms of media more appealing.

  • Babylon 5
  • Burnistoun
  • Hot Metal
  • Monty Python’s Flying Circus
  • The Black Adder
  • The Office (US & UK)

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