Worthington Glacier Ridge hike: Great Alaska hike

The view from the Worthington glacier ridge hike was, hands-down, the most spectacular of our Alaskan hikes. We had perfect weather. Gorgeous blue skies, puffy cotton-white clouds. The Sun behind us.

Elevation Gain: About 1200 feet est. Feels like more.
Roundtrip: 3 hours
Hiked on: July 3rd, 2014

Drive to the Worthington glacier state park near Valdez, Alaska. At the end of the car park, you’ll see a trail marked by rather frightening signs warning of danger ahead. Disregarding the signs, you, the intrepid traveller, set off.


Soon enough you’re walking on the cliff-edge, jumping over cracks in the Earth, and wishing you were smarter.

The view opens up a little and soon you’re looking at Worthington glacier in all its glory.



But wait! Before you know you’re on the ridge. And it’s a knife edge. Keep yer wits about you and don’t look at what happens to the stones you dislodge. It’s quite the fall on either side. In fact, I was so busy keeping my balance that I forgot to look behind me. What was behind me? Why that stunning image you already saw…


2 thoughts on “Worthington Glacier Ridge hike: Great Alaska hike

  1. Juergen Gesser on

    Hello . We are from Germany and will be in valdez at August the 15th. So we are experecend hikeres. Austria , swith and also canada . We are old, 58 and 55- So would you prefere this hike for us.

    • Karan on

      Hello Juergen, the hike is a bit difficult. It is steep and narrow with a steep slope on both sides. I do not recommend it unless you like challenging hikes. However, if you are fit and not afraid of heights, then it is fine. Does this answer your question?

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