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4 thoughts on “Best Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Breakbeat Artists, Albums & Tracks

  1. Maco on

    Hello! “Evol Intent – Era of Diversion (DnB) – My favourite Drum & Bass album” Which one, the vinyl version or the CD version? Thanks!

      • Maco on

        Hello! I don’t have the vinyl, I am listening on Tidal and on Tidal there are the two versions, vinyl and CD and the tracks are completely different. Thanks! P.S. I am an obsessed music lover (classical, jazz and everything goa and ambiental) and a huge, huge fan of everything Sci-Fi. I like your site!

        • Karan on

          Oh interesting, didn’t know that. And thanks, so glad you like the site! I love music too, goa most of all, but many other genres. I’ve become more interested in abstract music like Tim Hecker – Virgins or some Ital Tek like Strangelove or Jenova. Sci-Fi definitely! BTW I just read the Worm book – – and it was compelling and very different science fiction.

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