Interesting Historical Events, People, Entities, Battles






  • Costa Rica – Mesoamerica’s richest nation has no standing army, 100% renewable energy, and lead the world environmentally.
  • Great Raft – 250 km long logjam
  • Kerala school of astronomy and Mathematics
  • Manson Family
  • Tonle Sap – Largest freshwater lake in Asia. Replenished every monsoon by flow reversal from the Mekong. Complex hydro-ecological system that drove the Angkor civilization.


  • 3M: Scotch tape, post-its, and everything in between.
  • 7/11: Nondescript but omnipresent. Try their stores in Japan.
  • AMD: Battling with Intel, AMD has risen from the ashes several times.


Criteria: Beauty, craftsmanship, expense of raw materials, several owners, lost to time and rediscovered

  • Dunhuang Manuscripts: 4th to 11 centuries; Buddhist, Daoism, Nestorian Christianity, Manichaeism, and more;  Khotanese, Sanskrit, Sogdian, Tangut, Tibetan, Old Uyghur language, Hebrew, Old Turkic
  • Faberge Eggs
  • Golden Stool of the Ashanti
  • Peacock Throne
  • Phra Bang Buddha: “A symbol of the right to rule Laos, as only a commendable and virtuous government deserves to be caretaker of such a sacred image.”
  • Tutakhamen’s Mask

Unanswered Questions

Questions that fixated us but lay unanswered for centures.

  • How did reproduction occur?
  • How was silk made?
  • Was the Earth round?

Where was the source of the Nile?

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