My Goa Trance Mix

I’ve uploaded it in a split archive here.
Part I [Download]
Part II [ Download ]

  1. [Intro]-Enigma – The Voice of Enigma [2:08]
  2. Koxbox – Doktor Mesmer [10:47]
  3. Sound Pollution – Where [9:46]
  4. Charm – Brain Structure [6:57]
  5. Etnica – Trip Tonite [9:05]
  6. Hallucinogen – LSD [6:43]
  7. Doof – Double Dragons [7:41]
  8. Message from God – On Mars [8:02]
  9. The Pleidians – Maia [11:10]
  10. [Outro]-Shakta – Shakti’Shakta [8:02]

Total Length – 1:20:26 Style – Goa Trance

This mix is for the mind, not for the body. The Voice of Enigma serves as a nice intro, telling you something of what to expect. Doktor Mesmer is not too hard, but subliminal with winding psychedelic undercurrents. Perfect for starting off. Where follow in a similar vein, but the melodies are softer and carry the mix forward. Brain Structure is where it begins to get really trippy and melodic, building yet not getting too fast. Then the mix moves into Trip Tonite which has a beautiful build and simply flows right into LSD where the mix finally reaches a turning point and begins to get harder and faster. Double Dragons has the right balance of acid and melody to carry on after LSD. Then On Mars hits you with its susurating, sibilant, alien whispers taking you into hard dark goa territory. Maia carries on from where On Mars left off and while retaining the style of On Mars, takes it higher and higher. Finally Shakta’s Shakti’Shakta with its eastern melodies and rhythms gently brings you down into a state of (hopefully) floating awaresness or something akin to that.

I aimed for a deep, not overtly acidic intro. Then the melodies build, becoming trippier but not hard and driving. LSD forms the transition between the melodic side and a move towards the hard, driving sound of Double Dragons and On Mars. Maia takes it to the final high and Shakti’Shakta gently brings it down.

After hearing this, you may want to end this on more of a high, then replace the last track with
-Astral Projection – Solid Electronics [7:45]
If you want to bring it down at the end, the replace it with
-Shakta – Absorbed [8:03]

If you like the mix, I’ve made a list of the trippiest acid tracks which you might find interesting.

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